Junior Summer Fixtures


2021 Summer Season 


Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the season start?

Tuesday 7 September for Juniors 10 years – 13 years. 

Wednesday 8 September for 10 Week Challenge – 14-17/18 years and Opens – open age.

Where do we play?

Downey Park courts, Northey Street, Windsor.

How long is the season?

10 weeks for all competitions ending Tuesday  23 November and Wednesday 24 November.

Wet nights allocated Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December.  If needed.

Are there games during school holidays?

No games during school holidays.

How much does the season cost?

$100 if already registered with Netball QldIf not registered with Netball Qld $45 + $100.

What time are the games?

Tuesday night  6.30pm, 7.30pm – your team’s game time for the season is determined by nominations received, with younger teams starting earlier.

Wednesday night 6.30pm and 7.30pm – 

How do we nominate?

Appoint a team manager/contact who will nominate the team and also list the team players.   

When listing players full names and dates of birth required. Team manager/contact will be the main point of contact between your team and QC.

Nominations are now closed.

How long will team nominations be open?

Nominations are now closed.  Late nominations will only be accepted where a vacancy exists,  please email registrars email contacts below.

How do players in the team register for the competition?

Players need to use NetballConnect. NetballConnect is for players to pay their fees and insurance.  Players need to be fully financial before commencement of the competition via NetballConnect.

NetballConnect link  

Do you take individual player registrations?

The competition is team based however we will take your details and if a team requires more players your details will be passed on. Email contacts below

Do we need an umpire?

Yes, you will need to supply an umpire. QC does not supply umpires.

When will the umpire be required?

Umpire will always be required at the same time that your team plays, according to the draw.

How do we find an umpire?

Contact clubs within the Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA), asking if they can put you in touch with umpires wanting to extend their skills over the summer season; or Post on the QC and DPNA facebook for umpires interested in umpiring for summer season. If nominating for a higher division then you will need an umpire of that standard.

How much do we pay the umpire?

This is an arrangement between the team and umpire. The team is responsible for paying the umpire.

Do we need bibs and balls?

Yes, you will need to supply your own bibs and balls. 

What kind of uniform do we wear?

Teams can choose their own uniforms as long as all players are wearing the same thing ie if you choose shorts and tshirt then players will all need to be in the same colour shorts and same colour tshirt. 

When will we know if the team has been accepted into the competition ?

After nominations close on Sunday 22 August the QC Team will begin processing nominations and the week beginning Monday 30 August will advise if the team has been successful in progressing to the competition.

Can earrings be taped?

No, earrings may not be taped. They must be removed for playing. No exceptions!

When will the draw be released?

Expected release date weekend of 4/5 September.


Tuesday – junior.registrar@qcna.org.au

Wednesday – senior.registrar@qcna.org.au

31 August 2021