Private Coaching with Charli

We are pleased to announce that you can now book private coaching sessions with Charli.

About Charli

Charli is our Technical Director of Coaching at QCNA and coaches teams in our Pre Rep Program, Junior and Senior Program and at GBNL.

She has previously coached for the UK Netball Franchise, Saracens Mavericks.

Charli is currently the U16 Assistant Coach for Thunder for the State Titles Campaign and has previously coached for Cougars.

She completed her UK Level 3 in Netball Coaching in November last year, which is the highest qualification in the UK.

Charli plays as well as coaches; she is one of our co captains in the QC GBNL Opens Team and was part of the Grand Final Winning team last year. Charli plays Div 1 Indoor Superleague and is a Training Partner for the 30s QLD Indoor Super Nationals Team.

The Sessions

Charli is providing 1 on 1 sessions and group sessions for 2 players and groups of 4.
1 on 1 sessions are suitable for shooters and players that want to work on their movement, footwork, speed and ball skills.

1 on 1 sessions are not suitable for every player or goal.

Note for group sessions: your goals need to be the same or positions need to match up for example: a GS and GK, WA and WD, WA and C. Players need to be of similar age and skill.


Prices differ depending on the venue due to court booking costs.

Throughout September ALL Tuesday and Wednesday booking will be at Downey Park, along side our Summer Season.

Albion Indoor Prices

1 on 1 $70
2 players $40 pp
4 players $25 pp

DPNA Prices:

1 on 1 $100
2 players $55 pp
4 players $35 pp

If you are interested in bigger group sessions, please get in touch.


Tuesday and Wednesday at DPNA along side our Summer Season

Monday, Thursday, Friday at DPNA, Albion Indoor Centre or alternative venue.

Venue will be confirmed after booking.

Do you have more questions? Need to talk about goals? Ready to book?

Email Charli
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