QC Representative Teams

Greater Brisbane Netball League

QC participates in GBNL, which is a league created by associations to replace Netball Queensland’s Premier League. 

We are trialling in at the end of 2023 for our U16, U18 and U23s teams and in the new year for our Opens teams.

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2024 Senior State Age Trials (15 Years – 18 Years)

Senior State Age will take place at Western Districts Netball Courts, Graceville, from 6th – 9th April

If you have any questions regarding our Senior Program and joining QC, please email Charli at tdc@qcna.org.au

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2024 Junior State Age (12 Years to 14 Years)

Junior State Age will take place at Downey Park Netball Courts, Windsor, from 29th June – 2nd July. 

We are running an Intensive Player Development Program that lead to our Junior Trials for 2024.

If you have any questions regarding our Junior Program and joining QC, please email Charli at tdc@qcna.org.au

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U11 Pre Rep Program

QC will be trialling for two U11 teams for the 2024 Season for players born in 2013.

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To provide players with the opportunity to represent QCNA at a level suitable to their ability; to provide opportunities for players to progress through Brisbane North Netball Region and Netball Queensland’s development pathways and to enhance player enjoyment of the game. Through the selection of teams, QCNA aims to:

  • Ensure all identified players are given equal opportunity to be considered for a team and provided with skill development opportunities to assist them to reach their full potential
  • Provide suitable qualified coaches and support staff
  • Develop best practice management strategies in order to provide a safe environment for players and officials to effectively participate in netball


The allocated trial start time will be the time that the trial matches begin. It is the players’ responsibility to register and warm up prior to the trials starting. Games will be approximately 10 minutes in length. Players will trial in their two (2) nominated positions, although players may be required to play out of position by the selectors to explore different combinations or if a certain position is over subscribed. Effort will be made to ensure all players (within each playing area) have equal court time. During the trials, the selectors will evaluate individual skill levels, fitness and team playing abilities of each player. The following aspects will also be considered: player combinations, coachability, attitude, leadership, communication, team dynamics and individual player characteristics.


A selection panel consisting of three selectors will be appointed for each age group, including the team coaches. All selectors have equal voting rights during the selection process. However, if the selectors are divided the head team coach has the final decision. Coaches not already on the Selection Panel may be invited by the selection panel to attend any discussion they may hold. Selector’s recommendations will be presented to the QCNA executive committee for final approval. 


Squads will consist of ten (10) players with the potential of three (3) training partners. These training partners will participate in training and team building sessions with the squad and may be invited to carnivals/GBNL Games. Due to injury and illness or withdrawal from the program, training partners may be offered the opportunity to take up a permanent position in the team. Training partners will be notified as early as possible.


Playing Competencies

  • Skill base and performance consistency
  • Tactical understanding and decision making
  • Flair and innovation
  • Fitness and game intensity
  • Potential and work ethic
  • Discipline on and off the court

Personal Qualities

  • Effective under pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Versatility, consistency and adaptability

Other Factors

Consideration may be given to other factors that the selection panel considers in its sole discretion to be relevant and appropriate to the overall assessment of a particular player. These may include:

  • Positional balance within squad
  • Succession planning, talent development
  • Balance of experience and youth in the group
  • Whether a player’s performance and/or contribution has been affected by extenuating circumstances such as illness, injury, bereavement, work/study commitments or similar which have temporarily compromised her form and/or recent contribution.
  • Previous performance at representative level

Selectors must submit a list of selected squads/teams with reserves for each playing area to QCNA Committee for ratification prior to final selections being announced.


In the event of a player(s) withdrawing after selection:

  • Prior to the commencement of the team training, selectors will consult the list of reserves and replace with the selected reserve(s) for the required playing area. If no player(s) of a suitable standard in the specific position vacated was identified at the original trials, selectors may invite a replacement player(s) of their choosing. This player(s) must be ratified by QCNA Committee prior to any announcement being made.
  • Due to injury during the season, the team coach will consult with the selection panel for a temporary/permanent replacement. The named reserves should be the first players considered but may not necessarily be selected. The team balance will determine the replacement. Once a player is withdrawn and replaced, they will be unable to participate unless a further position becomes available and a written medical clearance provided.
  • Players are required to report to their Coach or Manager any injury or sickness that may restrict their ability to train or compete. In the event of a player sustaining an injury or showing signs of an illness which is of concern to the Coach, Manager or Committee, the player must provide written clearance from a registered medical practitioner relevant to the sustained injury or illness prior to engaging in any further activity. Players are encouraged to provide their Coach and Manager with an Injury Rehabilitation Plan to assist with injury rehabilitation. Coaches may also request the player complete a club game before returning to representative level netball. Within reason, if a player is injured or unwell they are expected to attend all training sessions and matches, in full kit/uniform, even if unable to take part.


Players unable to attend trials for any reason will have their team selection based on availability of positions within the teams, information provided by the coach at the conclusion of the previous season and through consultations with the selectors, the coaches and QCNA Committee.

  • The selectors have the discretion to allow the player to be considered for selection into the team. Communication of unavailability for trials must have been provided and approved.
  • Written proof of the circumstances may be required in this situation. This may include: a letter of explanation regarding reasons for the late submission; and resume provided by club or previous association and performance in previous years’ carnivals


We aim for squads to be named within two weeks of the final trial of all teams.


Notwithstanding any of the provisions in this Policy, it is acknowledged that when applying the criteria and considerations set out above, there will be, at times, extremely difficult choices to be made which will require the Selection Panel to exercise its discretion and judgment. Providing the Selection Panel has properly considered the criteria and considerations set out in this Policy, and have exercised its discretion and judgment in good faith, then the Selection Panel will have fulfilled all of its obligations under this Policy. Players not selected in a team, may request in writing, feedback, by emailing administration@qcna.org.au